West Bay/ Nassau to Staniel Cay, Exumas

This paints a picture of the Nassau to Exumas passage…foul weather gear set out to dry and an exhausted wayward bird taking a rest up front after a rough night crossing. We were rewarded by the gin clear waters our approach to Staniel Cay



Staniel Cay has long been a cruising mecca of the Central Bahamas because it’s central, it has an airstrip and easy access to have anything you need shipped easily directly from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Good Facilities, two marinas, adequate stores. Very attractive settlement, neat, compact and is home to the legendary Thunderball Cave…Amazing!
It has the coolest laundry mat…convenient, new machines, a beautiful view and it has a bar with wi-fi so you can easily surf the net, drink a beer and chat with fellow cruisers all while washing your laundry and troubles away.



Thunderball Cave
A dramatic dive! Be sure to go when there is plenty of sunlight; ideally strong overhead sun works its magic. Inside the cave you have surface airspace, a high dome above your head with shafts of sunlight slanting down into the water; the effects are enchanting. Best time to dive is low tide. Take some bread in a plastic bag to feed the fish.


Susan and Adrien snorkeling in Thunderball Cave


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