Black Point to Georgetown

There is no doubt that George Town is the best stop in the southern Bahamas particularly when heading south because you’ll be in the Bahamian boondocks after George Town. It’s a good harbor in prevailing winds, particularly on the Stocking Island side. It was a great place for us to restock and again hunt down a marine store for needed filters as we still are struggling with a sluggish fuel tank. George Town plays host to a seasonal floating population equivalent to a small town. A permanent “transient” population generates its own dynamics with their own Cruisers Net at 8:10 each morning. Each morning you’ll be invited to the ARA- Alcohol Research Association of cruisers that meet in the afternoon at different beaches and bars to fraternize over your adult beverage of choice.


George Town, Bahamas-Plenty of beach activities


Shenemere in George Town

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