3 Comments on “Storm Beryl-Salinas, Puerto Rico

  1. Hurrah! Hello Susan & Martin & Adrien! I am so excited and happy to discover your blog! What an amazing adventure you are creating. I look forward to checking in and seeing what you are finding along the way.

    I love that you never gave up the dream and have launched. It looks like you have a beautiful home, and it is fun to hear about how you have equipped it with so much care. re: hand built dodger…so cool, and I appreciate all your safety equipment. ♥

    I remember when I visited you in the S Pacific how impressed I was with your skills. Not just the sailing, (obviously!) but also life aspects like cooking with pressure and tech skills of writing and staying in touch. Now…a cool blog to follow with a lovely window into what you are experiencing. ALL the details please. 🙂 I bet you wish you woulda kept the “great whites” haha!

    One of the last ship to shore notices I received was the notice of Justin’s birth. I was standing at work and looking at an image unrolling on the screen of a beautiful new mother, and feeling so proud and happy for you and Martin. Now I see an image twenty years hence of your daughter taking to the seas with such amazing parents.

    I send love…and a wish for favorable wind…whenever you need it most.
    Will be reading on from the great midwest.
    XO Peace, Leslie


    • Thank you Leslie for your heartfelt message. The “great whites” seriously LOL!
      Love seeing you, Russel, Amy and the Tavern gang in Austin (FB) an awesome life chapter. You know the drill, we will be in Grenada until September and South Pacific next year. We have an extra berth for you and yours, come hang your hat for awhile.
      XO your friend, Susan


  2. Reminds me of the Bimini trip with Scottish John.
    Glad you guys are safe. Boots the cat says meow.


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