Grenada- Spice Island of the Caribbean

Blessed with a climate that has earned Grenada it’s title of  “Spice Island of the Caribbean” from mountain tops and rainforests reminiscent of the South Pacific to its spectacular beaches…this island has it all.
This is a little snapshot of the fun to be had in Grenada: big drum dance, carnival, night life, surf, culture, waterfall hikes and the best cruising grounds. Sailors have been welcomed into the local communities with open arms and hearts; the Grenadian people are the nicest I’ve met in the Caribbean!


Shenemere in Secret Harbor

Boat Workings…

We have been busy working on boat projects in the morning and getting out in the afternoon to appreciate the island. Martin had to get a steering quadrant made and spent one day getting it out and two days refitting it. We are waiting on the other parts to get started on the fuel tank project (drilling a hole in the diesel tank, removing the diesel, cleaning the tank and installing an inspection hatch). We are anticipating this to be a two day project so, guaranteed it will be a 4-day project.

Banana Bread

YUM!! My “mom’s famous” banana bread…as if it’s not hot enough!


Ship Shape


Not all work. I found just the right spot to “hang out” while Martin surfed

AK and Martin in Georgetown

Adrien rejoined us in Grenada after a 4 week break in Miami hanging out with her brother and friends for her birthday month 🙂


RIP Shamie

Our dear furry family member of 15 years died of kidney disease. He was a wonderful pet for all those years and a stellar crew member… particularly on night watches

Shamie is dearly missed


Shamie Koning 






5 Comments on “Grenada- Spice Island of the Caribbean

  1. So sorry to hear about Shamie! You’ll be glad to get that fuel tank cleaned! We did that before we left including making an inspection port… I’ll just say that after we gave it a good scrub it ended up having a pinhole leak and so we replaced the tank. So once it’s scrubbed just put a little diesel in at the beginning. We will be sailing to culebra tomorrow!


    • Thank you for your regards…we miss him a lot. It’s strange how he became so close to us on the boat. Do you think you’ll be coming to Grenada? I ordered his kitty litter and will be getting it in two weeks, if your coming this way I’ll give it to you (6 month supply) We are watching your progress… keep us posted on your travels. Be safe. Cheers.


  2. Ode to Shamie,
    The weather was fair, with a distant sunset approaching
    Shamie is at rest, onto a greater search for treasure
    Although we did not know him well, we all were wondering
    What the life of a cat would be like, on a sailing adventure.
    RIP Shamie


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