Annandale Falls, Grenada


Adrien taking the plunge

Picturesque waterfall surrounded by ferns & other greenery, with a small deliciously cold pool at its base. A great outing that turned adventurous when the radiator on Mandy’s car split/ cracked wide open while we were at the highest and most rural area snap dab in the middle of Grenada on a Sunday afternoon. Thank goodness a nice off duty taxi driver offered us a lift back to Mandy’s house where we spent the afternoon on her porch discussing the logistics and costs around how to best get the car fixed.


Susan and Martin at Annandale Falls 


Adrien, Susan and Leslie at the Falls


Oasis Floating Bar – Grand Opening


Oasis floating bar in Secret Harbor

oasis-bar-2-e1536892725360.jpgA new floating bar opened up in Secret Harbor just a few boats away from us. I thought we could take just one day off during the week because we already have a very busy social schedule for most every day of the week…oh well such is Salt Life
Tuesday: Taffy’s live music and delicious fish and chips

Wednesday: Beach Volleyball in the afternoon and Bingo at Prickly Bay

Thursday: Nimrod’s has an outdoor deck for the cruisers to get together and jam. There is an interesting array of talent and most nights there is a saxophone player and an interesting “old salty dog” of a sailor that sings his own lyrics…entertaining sailing-drinking songs

Friday: Oasis Floating Bar is the newest watering hole

Sunday: Hog Island beach party with a live local band and the most delicious BBQ for only $20 EC/ $7.50


Hog Island Beach party on Sunday’s is always fun with a collection of locals, cruisers and students from the medical school enjoying local music and great food

In addition to our regular schedule; each month the cruisers from the surrounding bays organize a floating concert. A floating stage is erected with live music and the cruisers just raft up to it; this last month there were over 75 dingys rafted up.

I enjoy the “full moon drift” in our bay. Everyone brings a snack and we all raft up together under the full moon “drifting” and passing the food around from boat to boat. Great fun meeting new people; the strangers that you tie up to become fast friends by the end of the night.


Our Designated Driver!


It’s not all fun. We have a project to do most every day from routine maintenance to Martin spending time up the mast fixing the deck lights. He’s terrified of heights but the new heavy duty bosun’s chair was a big help


Pierre our newest crew member and Adrien out to lunch

Carriacou Island

Carriacou is an island belonging to Grenada and 50 miles from Secret Harbor. It was a day sail for us and did not disappoint. Beautiful coral reefs and clear shallow waters. We anchored in Tyrell Bay with gin clear waters and the highlight a brand new “real” grocery store like back home. We loaded up on the things we were craving…tortilla chips and salsa, ice cream, wide selection of cheeses and a nice selection of meats (we didn’t need any meat because we caught a massive Mahi Mahi on the way over). A more international crowd of cruisers; the Europeans congregate in this bay which was great for our French crew member Pierre to be able to speak with his fellow countrymen. A unique bay with boats built using traditional methods developed in the 1800s dotting the shore; I would highly recommend stopping here.


Catch of the day!



Pierre and Ian on the sail to Carriacou Island

Ian’s Visit to Grenada


This is how Ian spent his days exploring the island


Great afternoon at the beach and Umbrella’s famous beachside restaurant with Ian and Pierre and all of us ordering a huge lunch

susan and Ian

Susan and Ian…Ian’s visit went by way too fast

Surfs Up!

Martin with sailboat

Hip high surf in Prickly Bay was worth the long walk and Martin demonstrates he’s still got it…check out the smile on his face 🙂


Woot Woot!

adrien surf

Adrien the Surfer Girl


Pierre’s second time surfing…he’s a natural



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