Fort George-Grenada

Fort George

I often equate forts in the Caribbean to castles in Europe…once you’ve seen One they all “tend to” look the same.

However, we did take the day to venture to St. Georges and check out Fort George and we weren’t disappointed.
The oldest structure in the country was completed in 1705. There are old tunnels and narrow staircases and the ramparts evoke a feeling of the past. There is a stunning view of the capital, the Carenage, harbor and the lagoon. Something unique about this fort is the historic significance of the assignation of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and the US/ Caribbean intervention in 1983 that is a vivid memory for many adult Grenadians.

adrien and pierre with guide-good

Adrien, Pierre and goofy tour guide at Fort George

Back to Carriacou

We really enjoyed the diving in Carriacou and I liked the convenience of the brand-new grocery store so, we set sail again from Grenada back to one of our favorite spots to work on some boat projects


First Drone Pictures taken on the Mavic Air- Aerial footage of Tyrell Bay, Carriacou



In the process of cleaning out the diesel tank we realized the tank isn’t a 74-gallon capacity but only holds 55 gallons. This was a frightening realization considering our estimates for motoring underway would be diminished by almost 20 hours.
Martin installed a new fuel gauge, so we always know exactly how much fuel we have.


Arts and Crafts! I am having so much fun making epoxy jewelry. This was the first experiment with boat epoxy and food coloring using all kinds of material including old beads, fabric, wax, plumbers silver solder, paper, cut outs from Caribbean paper dollars, shells, coral, sand…it is limitless the materials you can use to create your own handmade art.
I am working on getting some fellow cruisers to join me on board for a jewelry making afternoon. I can’t wait!

Hillsbrough, Carriacou Day Trip

sylvi and me in car to Hillsborough

Sylvie from S/V Maitre D wanted to visit the “main” town of Hillsborough before the pending tropical storm Kirk’s arrival; just in case we had to pull up the anchor and head south. We do not necessarily pay attention to the days of the week so when we went to get a taxi to town we found out it was Sunday and the taxis weren’t operating. Charlie a local with his cousins in tow gave us a lift to town.

Kids were super cute (which one do you think is a bit more mischievous?)


Sylvie the artist from Quebec finding art in Hillsbrough

I can’t stress enough how delightful I find the Grenadians to be; the friendliest in the Caribbean but not a false fake friendly to get your tourist dollar, its genuine. It’s a greeting from everyone you pass even the kids; good morning, afternoon and evening. They are helpful when you ask for directions and will go out of their way to draw a map or even walk you to your destination, this has happened to me several times.
I was a bit worried about getting back to Tyrell Bay on a Sunday afternoon when the taxis weren’t running. However, we didn’t have anything to worry about. The second car that passed picked us up.

George the island’s Postman picked us up and ended up driving us to the limited scenic spots on the island: The highest point where the hospital is (you do not want to get sick on this island), historic tower, cemetery and the elementary and primary schools where kids ferry to each day from the surrounding islands and finally his dad’s surfside beach bar just in time for a magical sunset. A perfect Day!

top of mtn cannon 1Sylvie embracing the moment at the top of Carriacou


Tibo Cemetery is being overtaken by the sea


Beach Bar with locals strumming guitar, sailors with their young children playing on the beach just in time to catch an amazing sunset…



Enough said…we headed to the mangroves!
After two failed attempts to secure ourselves (first attempt the anchor didn’t set and the second spot the rudder was aground) we managed to tuck in-between a Dutchman and Spaniard and hunkered down for the next three days


That is Shenemere safe and sound on the right with the white hull and blue sail covers 🙂

Thank goodness tropical storm Kirk went North so we only got some rain and some bats flying through the boat at night

Maitree D

S/V Maitre D- Sylvie (Quebec) and Justin (College Station, Texas) we sailed with Maitre D on and off from Dominican Republic and today they head North to St. Thomas as we are preparing to head in the “general” direction of the Panama Canal.

We love these two. Fair winds

Off to Sandy Island- Marine Park


Gorgeous! Surrounded by white sands, this tiny island has the most spectacular coral reef, the home to shoals of variegated tropical fish in crystal clear turquoise water. We snorkeled to the delightful sightings of rays, puffer fish, lobster and a plethora brightly colored reef fish. This is a protected marine habitat, so we had to practice our mooring skills…thankful to Pierre (who was sick with the flu) who helped us get the mooring ball on the first attempt; a first for us on Shenemere! This beautiful island has been used as the backdrop for television and magazine advertisements


I would highly recommend a stop at Sandy Island


Flying all our flags







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