Underway again as hurricane season finishes… on to the Grenadines, Bequia and Martinique

1.0 pierees boat good

Adrien heading out to Martinique with Pierre and his family for a few weeks until we meet up with them again…Bon Voyage

Tabago Cay:




Shenemere at Tabago Cay. Usually a packed mooring field we lucked out and had it to ourselves


Tabago Cay to ourselves

1.6 susan in TC

1.7 turtle BEST_Moment

Turtles Everywhere!

1.7 VC 2 shark_Moment(2)

And Blacktip sharks…everywhere!


Turtles, sharks and rays abound in the Tabago Cay Marine Park

Sailing at an angle on our way to Bequia


Bequia’s local Green Bar for wi-fi and roti’s in the afternoon and the local Bread Man for fresh pastry delivery

1.11 food and drunks bequia_LI

We were in Bequia during the “off season” but can only imagine mid November to March that all the local restaurants and bars will be hopping! Marie’s and Mac’s were the only places open during our stay. We liked having the town to explore ourselves and it made it easier to connect with some of the few cruisers that were in the anchorage

Only in Bequia- The famous Raphael “Scocony” Holder’s personal concert 


Bequia “Island of the Clouds” living up to it’s name!



This was our view during our four day stay in Bequia. 20-30 knot gusts of wind howling down the hilltops caused a couple of the chartered catarmans to lose their holding

What Happens when you are ejected from your dingy underway and don’t have a “safety kill switch” tethered to you:

Thank goodness the young women on this 30 hp dingy was able to swim away before the dingy ran her over. She actually swam to our boat while after at least 45 minutes local cruisers managed to jump inside the dingy and regain control

Note: always wear a tethered kill switch when operating your dingy


Martinique = Gorgeous French island, amazing snorkeling,  food and sights



St. Anne, Martinique

Collision in the Anchorage was very close to hitting us!

1.20 le big mac

Le Big Mac was a “le’t down…we prefer the fresh baguettes and ripe cheeses any day

1.25 adrien and pierre on SUP

Pierre and Adrien reunited with us in Martinique for the next leg of our adventure…Bonaire

Beautiful sightseeing in the small villages along the coast of Martinique. Adrien and Pierre hiked through the National Park

1.2 sunrise union

We have been very busy getting ready. Replaced alternator belt, changed the oil, made water, serviced 4 wenches, sealed a hatch, provisioned, laundry and sewed a new shade awning for the aft cockpit… ready for our passage to Bonaire

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