Fiji to New Zealand Passage

Fiji to New Zealand 1,100 miles- 7 days

fiji to New Zealand

Fiji to New Zealand passage can be a dangerous passage because the low pressure systems coming up from the Southern Ocean. The logistics of the passage include taking unsavory conditions out of Fiji to ensure stable and safe conditions coming into New Zealand.

We waited 9 days for just the right weather window and took our beating the first 4 days to be rewarded by calm conditions as we approached New Zealand.

opua Marina

Opua- New Zealand’s main port of entry. We tied up to the “Island” Immigration and Customs dock early evening. There were 16 other boats tied up that had come in from Fiji, Minerva Reef and Tonga that day.

What a Party!!! 16 boats on an isolated customs dock Celebrating the passage to New Zealand and the end of a fabulous South Pacific cruising season.

I will never forget in all my life the energy of 30+ adults dancing / jumping up and down with their hands in the air, singing loudly to ABBA at 9:00 PM 🙂

It was that kind of passage

World Famous (in Opua) Princess of the South Pacific Party. Yes, grown men had an excuse to dress as a princess…most turned out in drag and loved it

Bay of Islands Cruisers Festival

A week of activities followed. Seminars on navigational electronics, sail repair underway, diesel engine maintenance and electrolysis. A talent show served up with hot pizza, a BBQ and a Bay of Islands scenic boat ride was all part of the week long cruisers social

TUIA 250 Encounters

250- year commemoration of the first meeting of Maori and Europeans in New Zealand

HMB Endevor

We reunited with John our California cruising mate and Martin reunited with Gavin Nel his childhood friend from South Africa

IMG_6282 We are now off to Whangarei, New Zealand



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  1. Pls how many houes is it or days by cruise ship is it from Fiji to New Zealand?


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