Lombok, Indonesia: Marina Del Ray, Gili Gede, Mataram City & Gili Asahan

Exploring the different aspects of Lombok and meeting good people along the way

MotoGP- Mandalika, Lombok 

The Indonesian motorcycle Grand Prix is part of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing World Championship. It was something I’d never experienced so we took the opportunity to travel to Mandalika and what an experience it was but, for all the wrong reasons. The race was exciting however, a logistical nightmare when the race was over. 80,000 spectators trying to catch a few buses back to their cars took us 7 hours; 2 buses and hiking on the muddy roads in the pitch dark & rain back to our car after a bus got stuck and blocked traffic for miles.

Mandalika MotoGP

Off to Explore the Southern coast of Lombok: Belongas Bay Beware! Navigational Hazards Afloat

Hundreds of lobster farming structures that we had to carefully weave our way through…nerve racking obstacle course

Gerupuk Lombok is home to five surf breaks

This small village is big on fishing within a large inlet made up of several bays.  The locals here make their living from commercial fishing or surf tourism.  Conditions were favorable for Marty to surf most of our time in Gerupuk.

Gerupuk to Kuta on scooters and some kayaking adventures is what we’ve been needing…

Sail-Surf-Kayak…exploring Southern Lombok

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