Sailing Shenemere


Indonesia has 18,000 Isles covering over 2 million square miles…many choices! Martin was keen to check out the famous T-Land surf break on Rote Island. Surf was off so we waited a few days for conditions to improve and enjoyed meeting the local expat community and exploring the traditional side of Rote. Unfortunately, what used to be a thriving tourist hotspot was void of any signs of tourism. Rote Island to Komodo… Read More

Breakage Was Our Constant Companion Years of “day sailing” might be equal to the amount of wear we had on all the boat’s systems during this 29 day passage We Ate Well- Tuna and Wahoo Jimmy was our local go-to-guide for pretty much everything we needed. Kupang was too spread out and the language was a barrier for immigration, phones, stamps and boat repairs etc. Jimmy was always there to watch our… Read More