Sailing Shenemere


Richard’s Bay was our first port of call in South Africa and after thousands of miles under the keel we had a long list of work to do on Shenemere. However, the boat yard had no space for us when we arrived, so we made the best of our time enjoying the cultural events that were being offered to the ARC Rally cruisers and we went on a quick overnight safari. When… Read More

Tanzania is ranked as the most peaceful country in East Africa. We found the local people are generally welcoming and laid-back. The water is clean and there isn’t any of the garbage & debris we saw in Indonesia. The beaches are picturesque, and the culture is rich. Zanzibar was one of the most exotic destinations I have been to. We had a few packed days of exploring the World Heritage Site of… Read More

Our string of world party flags came in handy again as our vessels courtesy flag (a courtesy flag is flown by a ship in foreign waters as a token of respect by a vessel that is visiting) because, it was impossible to find a Tanzanian flag in Tanga. However, when we were in the Seychelles the Seychelloise flag was everywhere and when we went to a shop to buy one the shop… Read More

Everything Happens For a Reason While we were frustrated and stuck in Padang for almost three weeks waiting for our new boat batteries to be delivered our mates on s/v Destiny set sail from Lombok to the Seychelles. We had buddy boated with Steve & Anna from Fiji to Indonesia and we had plans to leave around the same time as them en route for the Seychelles so, while we waited and… Read More

Breakage Was Our Constant Companion Years of “day sailing” might be equal to the amount of wear we had on all the boat’s systems during this 29 day passage We Ate Well- Tuna and Wahoo Jimmy was our local go-to-guide for pretty much everything we needed. Kupang was too spread out and the language was a barrier for immigration, phones, stamps and boat repairs etc. Jimmy was always there to watch our… Read More

Waiheke Island in The Hauraki Gulf / Tīkapa Moana is a coastal feature of the North Island of New Zealand. It has an area of 4000 km², and lies between the Auckland Region, the Hauraki Plains, the Coromandel Peninsula, and Great Barrier Island. Most of the gulf is part of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Martin surprised me by making reservations at the Casita Miro winery on Waiheke Island. Inspired by the… Read More

We were interviewed for “another” special Interest piece in the Newspaper…. Road Trip to Beachlands and then to Cambridge Martin getting to visit with the mates he grew up with in South Africa; Brian & Felicity Fuller, Richard & Marlene Koekemoer and Gavin Nel. From Beachlands to Cambridge and back to Whangarei over the weekend…total blast! Mt. Manaia Hike Great afternoon hike with Bill and Irene. Standing at 420 metres, the… Read More