Sailing Shenemere


Our string of world party flags came in handy again as our vessels courtesy flag (a courtesy flag is flown by a ship in foreign waters as a token of respect by a vessel that is visiting) because, it was impossible to find a Tanzanian flag in Tanga. However, when we were in the Seychelles the Seychelloise flag was everywhere and when we went to a shop to buy one the shop… Read More

We were interviewed for “another” special Interest piece in the Newspaper…. Road Trip to Beachlands and then to Cambridge Martin getting to visit with the mates he grew up with in South Africa; Brian & Felicity Fuller, Richard & Marlene Koekemoer and Gavin Nel. From Beachlands to Cambridge and back to Whangarei over the weekend…total blast! Mt. Manaia Hike Great afternoon hike with Bill and Irene. Standing at 420 metres, the… Read More