The Gulf Stream to Bimini

The Gulf Stream is not to be underestimated; it is a 45-mile-wide river. You can’t see it’s speed, but it is always there flowing northward at an average speed of 2.5 knots. The Gulf Stream can be a hazardous stretch of water, so we patiently waited and watched for days before we left at 2 AM on the heels of a low-pressure system that had passed the day before. We made good time in relatively calm conditions arriving in Bimini by noon.
We tried to anchor off Big Game Marina, but it was too shallow so, we went up the channel and unsuccessfully attempted to anchor 2 more times because the bottom was grassy the anchor wouldn’t dig in. Finally we docked at the Marina.
Super nice cruisers from England and Argentina caught our lines and stayed around talking with Adrien and me for the 2 hours it took Martin to clear in with immigration.


Adrien on the dock at Big Game Club- Bimini


1.8Fellow cruisers headed to Abacos after a harrowing ordeal getting off the dock as the wind wedged them between the pylons as they tried to leave


Martin’s catch of the day


“Shamie” loves fresh fish


“Shamie” on watch


How a 15 year old cat spend 20 hours a day

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