Boquerón to Salinas Puerto Rico

The wonderful anchorage at Playa de Salinas is one of the most protected anchorages along Puerto Rico’s entire 300-mile coastline. The anchorage is known for it’s excellent holding in mud however, we had to re-anchor 5 times in two days…dragging, beating and pulling the mud and seagrass from our anchor at each attempt. I have bruises on my stomach from precariously hanging from the bow to de-weed mass bulks of grass and mud from the anchor before we could attempt to re-set it. We weren’t the only ones to drag and have to re-anchor and it made for some funny stories at the marina as our fellow cruisers watched us pull up the anchor only to have to motor out the channel to “de-weed” the anchor and come back and try again. Everyone was like; Shenemere is  leaving… oh no they are back and again and again until we finally found a solid sandy patch. Just in time for named storm Beryl.
Only 5 days at Salinas, Puerto Rico and we have named storm “Beryl” headed our way


We are anticipating the storms impact tomorrow late morning to evening hours. Fellow cruisers are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best as the storm has been down graded and is expected to be more of a rain event with possible wind gusts up to 40 knots.

This evenings sunset gives no indication of what is in store for us tommorow?


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