Andros to Nassau or West Bay?

Why do most Cruisers go to Nassau? How about West Bay? West Bay on the western end of New Providence (Nassau is on the eastern end), turned out to be a perfect anchorage for us on our journey to the Exumas. If you don’t need to check in or re-provision in Nassau, West Bay provides a comfortable anchorage with a state park on the one side of the bay and wealthy residential homes dotting the rest of the Bay. It was a bit tricky getting in, but we were able to eyeball the shallow spots, so we crept in and found clear water with no surge. The bay is wide open to the west, and even northwest but, well protected from the south, north and east. Fellow cruisers hailed us to see if we wanted to join them in the morning for a trip to Whole Foods. Whole Foods provides a shuttle service from West Bay to their store so even if you need to provision this would be a “whole paycheck” option.


One Comment on “Andros to Nassau or West Bay?

  1. Great blog! It’s nice to hear about the Koning sailing adventures with great pictures along the way. Glad to get a birds eye view!


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