Fiji to Indonesia

29 days- 3,486 miles from Fiji to Indonesia. Drama 4 hours outside of Fiji when both the electric autopilot and the Monitor wind vane failed. We were still within Fijian waters so the Fijian Navy allowed us back in to fix both these vital steering systems
Reading The CloudS
Breakage Was Our Constant Companion

Years of “day sailing” might be equal to the amount of wear we had on all the boat’s systems during this 29 day passage

Radar image of Shenemere surround by lightning as we dodged many thunderstorms

We Ate Well- Tuna and Wahoo

Dolphins on the bow…Never Gets Old!
A months worth of laundry if you only wear a sarong :0
Beverley & Clarke Bishop- S/V Our Reflections spent the almost 2 weeks checking in along side us in the Kupang anchorage. Good Fun and laughs as the process to enter crippled along.
Wine, cheese and cheers shared.
Picture taken a few minutes before the customs officer on the left came down below for the inspection and within a few minutes eject-barfed all over the galley. Needless to say it was not a through inspection
All the officials insisted on us having a boat stamp. I designed the stamp logo online and we had one made in the afternoon. They love their stamps here; the Harbor Master had half a dozen official stamps for his 3 pages of documentation

Jimmy was our local go-to-guide for pretty much everything we needed. Kupang was too spread out and the language was a barrier for immigration, phones, stamps and boat repairs etc. Jimmy was always there to watch our dingy and organize what was needed. We took him out to the Triple 9 Club the night before we left to thank him for all his help.

BOAT= Break Out Another Thousand

Indonesia changed the quarantine from 8 days to 3 days however, it still took us 12 days to get completely checked-in. Two PCR tests, Health, Quarantine, Immigration, Customs & Harbor Master officials all work independently. Pre-Covid it cost about $200 to check into Indonesia now it costs about $2000.

First Impressions & Highlights of Our Brief Visit to Kupang
Kupang, Indonesia

We quickly filled up with fuel/ propane, provisioned with veggies and had the Monitor wind vane welded before we set sail to Roti.

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  1. I could smell durian there for a minute while watching the video. Love your updates and stories!


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