4 Part Summer Series- Sailing in New Zealand

PART 1: On our way to the Bay of Islands we stopped off at Whangamumu for a few days that turned into a week of fishing, trekking and kayaking
PART 2: Exploring the Bay of Islands we reunited with Henk and Cheryl and finally got Bill and Irene to visit with us onboard Shenemere
Part 3: Exploring Whangaroa by kayak after being rained out and stuck onboard for 3 days
Part 4: Back in the Bay of Islands Gavin came to visit us onboard for Easter weekend and my mate Kate was also keen to get some sailing in on the last long weekend of Summer so off we went…Picnicking! We dropped Gav and Kate off on Sunday and picked up Adrien & Donavan sailing back to BOI’s with just enough time to enjoy Easter dinner on Elizabeth & Garths new boat Nightide
Enjoying some time with Adrien before we leave in May for Fiji

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