Peace on Earth in Maupiti, French Polynesia

Drone footage of Maupiti

Maupiti … “Boro Boro’s discreet little sister” A ravishing island of only 1,500 residents have decided will not turn into another Boro Boro. There are no resorts and just a single road around the island with only a few cars. They don’t even have an ATM and don’t accept credit cards, so we had to be careful with the French Francs we brought; making sure we had enough for our visit while spending it all before we left as this was our last French island

top with boraShenemere safely nestled within the coral reef lagoon. Boro Boro seen 27 miles in the backdrop

top of pass

Onoiau Pass

drone sailboat in pass_Moment.jpg

There aren’t even that many sailors that visit because the pass to get into the lagoon is known as one of the trickier in the Pacific. Reefs SE of the pass make it look like the pass has breaking waves in it. The waves breaking over the reef raise the water levels in the interior of the lagoon creating a strong current flowing out of the pass.

Conditions have to be just right to get in or out of the pass so even if you make it in you could find yourself stuck in the lagoon waiting for less than 20 knot winds and less than a 2 meter swell.
Also, the pass is quite narrow, so you then have to carefully line up two sets of markers just right. We have said it before, and it was true for Maupiti the French do take care of their navigational markers.

net hammock



Cool hammock made out of a fishing net



Maupiti has incredible sights and friendly people but what struck me most was the laid-back vibe. Everyone was so incredibly friendly; virtually everyone you pass greets you with their sing song “Ia Orana” their Polynesian “Hello”. They are very family orientated and bury their loved ones in their front yards in elaborate tombs that are usually shaded by trees. Family members like to hang out around the graves at sunset chatting and remembering.

Another highlight was snorkeling with the massive Manta’s 

sm on top




Climbing Mount Teurafaaiu (380m) was one of the most rewarding hikes with breath taking views all along the way that just got better and better as we ascended




Tereia Beach
 crystal clear water and a completely sandy beach (no smashed coral) It was a stunning place to picnic after our morning bike ride

Traditional Dancing
We got lucky, we where there for the islands annual festival


Martin gets a kiteboarding lesson from Steve Sadler

IMG_5002Take Care


        Peace Out from all of us on Shenemere

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