Trifecta- 3 amazingly remote locations in Panama


Sailor Girls Night in Bocas Del Toro on Shenemere making epoxy jewelry

Adrien was featured in a local Bocas Del Toro Commercial

Adrien was featured in local Bocas Del Toro commercial – payment = free scooters for her and her friends for the day

Rudder put back with a new bushing. Thanks to the many who helped lift, carry, drag this massive 300 lb rudder and strategically get it back in place while we were in the water!

Major scare*** I was in the water and the weighted down rudder was “temporarily lost” as the boat shifted.  It was found after a 911 cry went out to all involved in the operation; the rudder hadn’t gone far but it had sunk to the bottom and the visibility was poor

Finally, with the rudder in place we set sail to experience the more remote parts of Panama as we make our way to the Panama Canal.


#1 Bahia Azul

Dove bay 1Next stop Bahia Azul a remote anchorage with only a small local village (curious locals included) and good surfing for the boys…

Shenemere and Irwinish in Bahia Azul “Solamente”

IMG_1730 (1)Pristine Beach lives up to its name

surf in dove bay_Moment(5)

Martin surfing Bahia Azul

Garth surfing at Bahia Azul


Elizabeth picked up a “boyfriend” on her morning kayak excursion

Martin’s Panama Drone Video of Laguna de Bluefield

#2 Escudo de Veraguas

adrien surfing 3-blog

Adrien on a sweet beach break off of the remote island of Escudo de Veraguas


A few local Guaymi Indians live here and are known for their skilled skin diving

#3 Rio Chagres- tropical river surrounded by virgin rainforest…silence except for the sounds of wild birds and monkeys

On our way to the Panama Canal we stopped for a few days at Rio Chagres jungle.

I highly recommend this detour… we saw the howler monkey, a capuchin monkey, a tree full of toucans 

Martins Amazing early morning Rio Chagres drone video****

drone Rio video_Moment

Shenemere in the Jungle…morning reflections

Asta Luago Amigos!

3 Comments on “Trifecta- 3 amazingly remote locations in Panama

  1. Wow !! How great for you guys ! Will you EVER come back?? You probably shouldn’t!


  2. So awesome! Enjoyed the sunrise surf sessions in Bocas. Looks like you found amazing gems along the way.
    Keep it up!
    Mark and fam


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