Non-Sailing Activities on a boat- in New Zealand During A Pandemic

We were interviewed for “another” special Interest piece in the Newspaper….

Road Trip to Beachlands and then to Cambridge

Martin getting to visit with the mates he grew up with in South Africa; Brian & Felicity Fuller, Richard & Marlene Koekemoer and Gavin Nel. From Beachlands to Cambridge and back to Whangarei over the weekend…total blast!

Mt. Manaia Hike

Great afternoon hike with Bill and Irene. Standing at 420 metres, the summit has outstanding views of the Marsden Point Oil Refinery, Bream Bay and the Hauraki Gulf to the south, Whangarei Harbour to the west and the Poor Knights Islands and Northland coast to the north.

Once-in-500 year- Storm

Downtown streets flooded
BP Gas Station underwater
Fri. July 17th 8:58 PM
A unexpected storm system hit us on July 17th with an estimated 8+ inches of rain in 24 hours. It was a wild evening as the river crest at high tide creating a raging 5 knot flow of water and debris. The river with rapids and large logs, lawn furniture/ debris not excluding livestock bumped and scraped the hull of Shenemere throughout the night
The following morning we were able to assess the damage. Many roads were washed away or cut off by flooding and the town’s city center had been flooded

A lot of the local hikes have been closed for repairs however, we still enjoyed exploring particularly as we are going into Spring and things are starting to warm up

Enjoyed a Saturday hike to Whanagrei Falls with Cindi and Ian Smith on s/v Ocean Reach

Martin and Bill took the day off to go fishing and Martin landed the biggest snapper ever caught on Bill’s boat
Spring has Sprung
So grateful to have some quality time with the ladies at Naylene’s farm. Seeing all the cute new lambs was neat but holding a 12 day old baby lamb was pricesless.
Naylene, Betsy, me, Lauri and Tiny
Cooking Classes
If nothing else Covid has forced a lot of us to expand our horizons and try and do things that we would have never have done prior to the pandemic. Volunteering, dance, aqua-fit, singing groups and Cooking!
It all started when Julie on S/V Stray Cat wanted to learn how to make Chinese dumplings…the venue was secured, the invites sent and the Chefs organized. A super fun kind of laugh out loud, hands on afternoon of cooking!
Tuesday night “themed” happy hours have been the mainstay of the stranded sailors in Whanagarei

Hawaiian Luau, Taco Tuesday & Octoberfest are just a few of the themes…
no one really needs an excuse to get dressed up, eat & drink

Local cruisers at the Tuesday HH at the Barge Inn on the water

Great way to meet new people in our community
Monday nights helping the Red Cross feed the local homeless and hungry
Phil & Naylene’s Goat Roast
It finally has started to warm up so Phil and Naylene had a few of us up to the farm to enjoy a goat roast. Super chill day spent hiking and enjoying the wonderful folks we have met here and the beautiful landscapes
The cruising gang: Annie & Leum, Sylvia & Tom, John & Lorola, Elizabeth & Matt, Betsy & Kenny, Kathy & Dave, Rikka & Toumoa, Lauri & Chuck, Martin and Ellen, Vandy, David, Naylene and Phil
Riverside Drive Marina Music & Food Festival

An afternoon packed with back to back performances by the yachties and Elizabeth, Cindi, Lauri and I sold our handmade jewelry and cozies for charity. We are going into Summer here; a lot of the boats will be setting sail in the upcoming weeks. Still borders are closed but the summer here in NZ is stunning and there are fantastic bays to explore; it is ripe to sail away…around New Zealand

This party was the Grand Finale of celebrations for all the sailors from the “Class of 2020” stuck in Whangarei for a year. Muddling our way through these uncertain times, creating bonds that will be valued for a lifetime. Great time had by all!

Shenemere was hauled out of the water on Sept 25th with an expected 2 week ETA to splash.
Spoiler alert…hopefully we splash in October; more to follow!

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