Shenemere Sails from Seychelles to Tanzania

Very fast 6 days and 11 hour passage to Africa

Our string of world party flags came in handy again as our vessels courtesy flag (a courtesy flag is flown by a ship in foreign waters as a token of respect by a vessel that is visiting) because, it was impossible to find a Tanzanian flag in Tanga. However, when we were in the Seychelles the Seychelloise flag was everywhere and when we went to a shop to buy one the shop attendant just gave us the very large flag that was hanging outside her shop, all people on the street got such a kick out of it.

I like shopping for each countries flag once we arrive as opposed to having the flags pre-purchased a head of time. We get to experience the pride and joy of the locals when we shop for their countries flag.

Customs, Immigration and Health officials “rowed” a small dingy out to Shenemere at 7PM in order to check us in. This is a picture of Martin making the officers a “cuppa” tea. They were very kind & professional and the customs officer thanked Martin the next day when we ran into him in town for the “nice cup of tea”
First Impressions of Tanga, Tanzania did not disappoint
Finally got our fridge fixed which was completely unexpected! The bartender “Martin” told us his father “Justin” was an A/C and refrigeration specialist so, we took a chance and had him come take a look. A few trips back and forth to the boat, a quick solder of a pin prick hole in the plate and & $60… we are back in business

The night before we set sail to Zanzibar the local yachties (about 15 International yachts are in Tanaga at the moment) hosted a Pirate Party for the locals and cruisers complete with roasted goat and live music

Off to Zanzibar!

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