It’s Summer in New Zealand

Radio NZ interviewed us about the creation and upcoming launch of the Cookbook- Appetizers Afloat
Betsy and I at a local cooking class- Radio NZ used this image of us for their on-line feature
A Cookbook Fundraiser for Local Maritime Scholarships…planted as a seed turned into a full time job for many months: Appetizers Afloat
Finally after months of hard work the cookbooks have arrived. Susan, Betsy & Naylene in the marina office celebrating
The Official Book Launch with Food, Music and Book Signings with the Honorable Mayor of Whangarei- Sheryl Mai

How the cookbook happened and how we all got roped into this project is a funny story as my friend Naylene from the Marina Office said to me one morning “Y’all ought to write a cruisers cookbook!” She had mentioned it to me before so as I left the office I bumped into Betsy and asked her what she thought. Betsy is a keen organizer of all things that need to get done so we set a date at the local cafe to discuss. Immediately we decided the cookbook would be a fundraiser to give back to the Whangarei community that has given us so much during the Covid Pandemic of 2020. Next we organized the yachtie’s to contribute their local expertise as well as recipes. We acquired backing from the Town Basin Marina Trust and hustled up some advertising dollars. We sourced a professional editor/ printing company and finally after months of reviews, edits and collaboration we produced, launched and sold most of the books. All the proceeds have been donated to the Black Ball Yacht Club to provide scholarships to students in the maritime industry.

Haul-Out for a “quick” bottom job at Dockland 5…and 7 weeks later!

What started out as a quick haul-out / bottom job turned into 7 weeks on the hard at Dockland 5. Osmosis/ blisters was a daily job to tackle. We pulled the rudder off and re-bedded the shaft. Martin went McYver on the rudder and poured epoxy down the shaft while sucking the epoxy to the bottom of the rudder with a vacuum cleaner and it worked! Everyone was so supportive; we had daily visits from fellow yachtsman which means so much as nobody likes to visit a dirty boatyard. The expert advise from our mates Eric, Phil, Garth, Bill, Jason and Travis was priceless. Along with our “neighboring boats” that were hard at work as well…we all became close in a short period of time.

Happy Dance- Shenemere getting ready to Splash!
Dockland 5 Boatyard has a secret “Castle Corner” …shhhh

In the corner of the boatyard is a “secret shed” that is hiding a fridge filled with cold drinks…some of these boat owners have been here too long! Great Sunday BBQ’s with all the regulars in the yard. We met some awesome folks during our time at Dockland 5 making the days hard work kind of but not really fade away.

FRINGE FESTIVAL – Largest Open Access Art Festival in NZ
Kate Shanghaied me to Sing Sea Shanties and more…
Took our sea shanty “choir” public
Funky parade around the loop was lol
I had a bit in the band with a tambourine
Marsden Cove Craft Market
Monica s/v Monny Penny, Cini s/v Zensation and me at the Marsden Cove Craft Market selling our wares. Great day with the ladies as we are getting more experienced with our displays and product presentation
Sailing Creations on display
Splashed and away we went to Urquharts Bay
Orcas hunting in the bay
Good fishing off the boat
Parua Bay
Kayaking with Lisa s/v Harlaquin
Caught 3 sharks in one morning, no swimming here
Gavin came for a visit and got lucky
Off to Great Barrier Island for December- January “Summer” Holidays
(here in NZ they are taking their Summer break for most of December and part of January)
Great Barrier Island had a lot going on over Christmas and New Years and so did Shenemere! Gavin came onboard for some fishing when we dropped Gav off we picked up Brian for some more fishing, kayaking, trekking and sailing adventures.
Happy times getting together with Jenny & Dennis at Kawau Island

Fantastic hike / adventure with our old friends (22 years) on Kawau Island …looks so much like Canada in the Summer

2 Comments on “It’s Summer in New Zealand

  1. Susan, the cookbook is really cool. Looks like all is going good.  I looked at pic on facebook of Adrienne and BF, they both look really happy too.  It is fun to see you guys having such a nice time and seeing your kids grow up.  We miss you and hope to get to see you soon.  When is Justin’s baby due?  Sending Love.


    • Thank you. I hope y’all staying safe. Justins expecting in early August. We’ll have to see where we are and what the covid travel situation is and try and fly back to see our grandson 🙂 sending you lots of Love XxOo


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